why you should go to Arizona

Have you ever wanted to sit in warm weather and see cacti? If you do, then you should go to Arizona. In the summer, the weather gets to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. There are over 100 cacti in Arizona. Thats a lot of cacti if you think about it. Continue to read about the research I found pertaining to Arizona. Read about why you should go to Arizona .You will find a lot of interesting facts about Arizona. You will find some cultures about Arizona to! Keep reading till you get to the end.

Why i want to visit Arizona.


Here are some cultures about Arizona. In Arizona they speak English. They have lemon juice, shredded cheese, and cinnamon for food in Arizona. They usually eat diced chicken breast and refried beans. In the summer the temperature is 104/78 fahrenheit. In the Fall the temperature gets to 87/61 fahrenheit, and in the winter the temperature gets to 68/43 fahrenheit. You can go to the grand canyon with your family and get nice views and climb it. This is the cultures in Arizona.

why i want to go

These are the 3 top reasons I want to go to Arizona. Since my aunt and uncle live in Arizona, I want to go see them. Another thing I want to do is go see cactus's. Since Arizona is warm I want to go their because I like warm weather. First, I would see my Aunt and Uncle. Then, I would probably sit outside in the warm sun like a hamburger being cooked on a grill. Last but not least, I would go and try and find cactus's in the desert. That is what I want to do in Arizona.

interesting facts

These are three interesting facts about Arizona. Arizona is the largest copper producing state in the United States. Arizona state also has 18 national monuments, more than any other state in the United States and Arizona is home to the world’s largest rose bush. These are the three interesting facts about Arizona.

Arizona is a exciting place to go

Arizona sounds like an exciting place to go. It’s an exciting place to go because you can see the largest rose bush and eat diced chicken breast. I get to see my aunt and uncle to. Even if I can’t go there, I still want to learn more facts.