Mrs. Kelly's Virtual Newsletter


Weekly Focus

ELA- Reading: Wrap up Legends!!! We are going to be studying Native Americans the next two weeks.Phonics- y,z,x,qu Closed syllable words. Dictation sentences with dialog and question marks.

MATH- Module 10 Double digit addition and subtraction. Focus on number sense and place value. Number line, place value chart, and hundreds chart will be used as strategies to add and subtract double digits.

Social Studies- Landforms/ Water Masses/ Native Americans

Science- Force and Motion

Important Dates to Note:

Monday, November 22nd:

  • Chocolate Monkey Day
Tuesday, November 23rd: (Half-day, dismiss @ 11:20am)
  • Pajama Day for staff and students!

Wednesday, November 24th-Friday, November 26th: THANKSGIVING BREAK!

Procedures- Some are new and some need to be reviewed.

1. Please refrain from sending toys in for recess.

2. When sending money to school it MUST be in an envelope or ziplock baggie with the students name, my name and where the funds should be used.

3. Bag of Books need to be sent in on Monday to trade out for new books.

School Mission

Our Goal is to love, empower, and grow each child as they develop socially and academically.