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2022 Dance Concert News


We have another reason to REJOICE! as we celebrate 20 years of dancing for Jesus! We are excited to announce the 2022 Dance Concert will be held at the Fort Zumwalt West High School Auditorium (just around the corner on Mexico Road!) the week/end of June 8-12, 2022!

The general schedule is currently as follows:

Wed 6/8 - Move in & set up, Finale & KDMC Rehearsals

Thurs 6/9 - Dress Rehearsals for Saturday performers

Fri 6/10 - Dress Rehearsals for Sunday performers

Sat 6/11 - (3) Dance Concerts

Sun 6/12 - (3) Dance Concerts


- We are still in the early planning stages, and ALL TIMES ARE TBA.

- The SHOW SCHEDULE outlining exactly which classes will performing in which show(s) will be announced later this month!

- COSTUMES are being chosen now, and we will begin measuring for and ordering costumes very soon! Pictures of the chosen costumes will be displayed in the lobby in January.

- SONGS are also being chosen and will be edited to performance length. Students will begin learning choreography in late January/early February.

More info to come! This is such a fun time for students as they begin to dream about sharing their wonderful progress as dancers and performers with our families, friends, and audience members this coming summer!


The digital downloads of last season's 2021 Voice of the King Dance Concert were available for a number of months at no additional cost to each MKS family.

Due to a number of requests for hard copies, we are now offering digital downloads on a thumb drive!

Just fill out this form that includes pricing info, and we'll contact you when yours is ready to be picked up -

2021 Dance Concert Thumb Drive Request Form



  • New REJOICE! Tees for kids & adults - 2 designs, each in multiple colors!
  • Great new 2021-22 MKS Logo Gear options & colors!
  • You can personalize the back of a tee or the front of a jacket with your dancer's name!
  • KDMC Tees for families & Track Suit Jackets & Pants for ministry participants!

Be sure to get your order in by November 6 before the MKS Webstore closes to have your order delivered by Christmas!


We are all different. Our anatomy, our goals and our dance styles vary. So is there really a golden list of stretches you absolutely should not do? No, not really. But are there some really smart rules to follow to help you avoid teaching or encouraging ineffective and injurious stretching practices? You betcha! Here is one such list of five things about stretching that you should avoid.

# 1. Avoid overstretching.

Dancers need to learn their own range of motion and how far they can go before feeling tension, followed by pain. Stretching into pain doesn’t do anything for you and won’t improve your flexibility; in fact, the only effect you might get out of it is injury. It might not seem like it in the moment, especially if you’re trying to be careful, but overstretching over the course of time contributes to breakdown of the protective surfaces in your joints. So those crazy stretches that you are trying to do in your teens could eventually cause you pain in your 20s and onward. There are a couple over-stretches that dancers seem to love. But don’t do it! Oversplits - Forcing your frog (on your belly) - Walking on your knuckles/tops of toes - Backbend without abdominal muscle support

# 2. Avoid stretching when you haven’t warmed up.

When you are warm, getting your heart rate up and starting to sweat, your muscles and other soft tissues respond and are able to stretch more easily. It really doesn’t help to try and stretch something that isn’t willing to let go.

#3. Avoid stretches that don’t prepare you.

You should be stretching for a reason. Usually, that reason is to prepare dancers to perform certain kinds of movement or to increase flexibility. The warm-up and pre-dance stretching should be based on what you are going to do in class or performance, and generally focus on dynamic stretch. After dancing, usually during the cool down when you no longer need to produce powerful movements, is when you’d want to focus on increasing flexibility and do more static stretching.

# 4. Avoid copying others.

Here’s where Instagram can steer students really, really wrong. Once you know your limits of range of motion, you must honor and respect your amazing bodies and maximize within your personal limits. Other people have their own body to learn and figure out. Learn more about these differences and what contributes to individual flexibility in this article.

#5. Avoid forcing yourself into stretches

Sometimes it can be fun to play games with other dancers and push each other into stretches, but if you don’t know what each other are feeling you can very easily push bodies past a safe position. If you want to stretch with your friends, focus on Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

#6. Bonus: Do you even need to stretch?

If you’re really tight or injured, stretching could make it worse. Remember that you should stretch to the point of tension, not to the point of pain, so if it is hurting, STOP! If you think you might be injured or know you are, see a healthcare provider to find out what happened. Stretching something like a strain or sprain could exacerbate the sensitive injury.

Article by: Dance Informa

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