Was life better in the 60's ?

Today's living and how it is better than in the 60's

Today we don't have segregation

Segregation was a a major problem and caused many problems for a lot of people in america during the 60's. Now we can go to class and see all types of races and have no problems talking to another person or going out somewhere and being of different colors where back then they couldn't even sit in the same restaurant together in many places

Now we have more advanced technology that helps us improve in the advancements of our future

In the 60's they didn't have smart phones,tablets, or laptops to take around with them or to use when they got lost or were hurt. People in those years had to go to a land line and call for help or to call a friend. While today if we are lost we can just pull up a map within a minute and get directions while in the 60's they didn't have anything but paper maps and other people to give them directions or assistance .

Vietnam war

The 60's were a decade dominated by the Vietnam war,not a world war but the effects were still felt throughout the world. While today we don't have wars effecting our lives everyday and we can go to school and work with out hearing something on the radio about a war


In the 60's adults got more respect and children behaved better and actually feared adults. Today some students do not respect their teachers and just speak out what they want thinking with out realizing who they are talking to. In the 60's kids were taught manners and discipline so they watched what they said because they knew the consequences of their actions . All though some students today are still respectful and watch what they say when speaking to an adult .

Less class division

In the 60's kids were grouped based on who they were and what they had.The kids who were said to be "smarter" , with more money ,and better things such as clothes and cars were called Soc's and were higher class . While kids who had less money, lived in bad communities and were bad kids normally were called greasers because many of them would have long greased hair. In today's time kids of all classes and of different back grounds get along and are friends with no problems and there are no fights because they have more or less.