World War 1

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How WW1 Started

Before World War 1, a series of defense alliances existed between many European country's.If one country declared war against another, other country's would be forced,by treaty, to enter the conflict. France, Britain and Ireland, and Russia formed an alliance known as the Triple Entente. Germany was allied with Austria-Hungry. They were known as the Central Powers.When Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, was assassinated in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914, it triggered a chain of events that resulted in World War 1.

When it started

World War 1 started on July, 28th, 1914 and lasted till November, 11th, 1918.

World War 1,Interesting facts

World War 1 became known as 'The Great War' because it affected people all over the world and was the biggest war anyone had ever known. The war was fought between two powerful groups.One side was Germany,Austria-Hungary and Italy who were know as 'The Triple Alliance'.The other side was Great Britain,France and Russia who were known as 'The Triple Entente'.
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Surprizing fact

A 11 year old boy lied about his age just to fight in the war.He was killed in the Second Battle of Ypres,when the Germans used poisonous chlorine gas for the first time.The trench he lay slumped in to escape from the artillery and grenade onslaught of the advancing enemy was drowned by a cloud of the yellow gas, tearing at the boy's lungs and scorching his eyes.