Lizzy Twaroski

Return to Dance

Monday, April 6th marked the return to dance for many Power of Dance students. The students received a one week break along with several school districts. Yesterday night, when asked, a large number of students guiltily admitted to not stretching at all over break and were nervous that they had lost their splits. "I've still got it, but uh it hurts," said one student ashamedly. The Ballet I class however, seemed to be doing better than usual, with all 8 students in attendance, the class was able to review their entire dance with above average technique.

Today, April 7th, a new load of students will return to their dance classes, with several girls from the Pom I-II class worried about their arm strength during the routine. While most of the All-Star dancers are worried about pointing their feet. One student said, "I'm going to be so sore tomorrow, my goodness."

Start of Track

Tuesday, April 7th was the first day of Track & Field at Bay View Middle School in Howard. Lots of students showed up for the first day with almost perfect attendance from the boys and the girls. The two teams started their track experience by learning the daily warm-ups. "I loved the one where we kicked our hands, the boys faces were so hilarious," said Abby Sawyer, an eighth grader new to track. Afterwards, both teams were split up into six groups where they rotated between different conditioning exercises. "It wasn't too bad, I mean, I didn't run out of breath until the last station," said one girl, who is also a new eighth grader.

Last year, several students dropped out within the first few days of track. Some of the returning eighth graders, and some of the new ones, are starting to guess how many people will be dropping out in the near future. "I might not be able to do it this year because of my ankle," said Libby Breider. When asked, several students said that they were incredibly sore. "Never, ever, go to dance after track. Ever," said Lizzy Twaroski. The coaches are excited to get on with the season.

Field Practice

On Thursday, April 16th, the Bay View track teams split up to start practicing their field events. About 15 students ran 2 miles for the long distance events. Another 15 tried the hurdles (and only one fell), and there were 15 more at the high jump. Not very many very were at the shot put & discus, and as always, the largest crowd was at the long jump. "I'm better at the hurdles than I thought I was," said Lizzy Twaroski, a new track member this year. "That is to say I didn't fall, yet." It appears that the Bay View Middle School track coaches have a good bunch of athletes on their hands for the season.