Senegalese Government

How does the Senegalese government work?

The Constitution

The constitution of Senegal was first written in 1963 and has been revised since. Senegal is a republic with many parties. The new amendments to the constitution have created a country centralized around a president, assisted by a prime minister. The president is elected and then he appoints his prime minister. There are three separate powers; legislative, executive and judicial.

Local Government and Justice

Senegal is separated into 14 regions. Each region has a governor, a development deputy governor, and an administration governor. General councillors make up the regional assemblies, in charge of taxation.

The constitutional council, the council of state, the court of accounts, and the courts and tribunals take out the Judicial power of Senegal. They also have a High Court of Justice that is elected by the national assembly.

The Political Process

The Senegalese played a big role in developing the modern political system of West Africa. They brought politics to the people, and gave them a chance to participate in what they were going to be living with for a long time. They over tripled the voting rate in 1998. They participate in the election of all national figures. The elections are very fair among the people because they are a multiparty country, which spreads out the population in a wide range of political views and beliefs. In the past, there has been no dominant party. Other institutions are also part of the political process such as the Islamic state. But, the government remains a secular state.

President Macky Sall

Macky Sall has been the president of the Republic of Senegal since 2012. He is serving a 5 year term that can be renewed once more. He was previously prime minister and president of the National Assembly. He has long been part of the Senegalese Democratic Party (SDP).

Current Government Events

  • Politics: Macky Sall won the 2012 election, replacing Abdoulaye Wade who controversially ran for a third term.
  • Economy: Lately agriculture is booming along with the tourist industry that gives way to foreign trade.
  • International: Senegal has mediated with Sudan and Chad over Darfur. Also Senegal has been found to be the take off for illegal African immigrants into Europe.
  • Security: A low level separatist rebellion is beginning to start in Casamance, in the south.

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