Arab Spring Project

By Ryan D'Souza, Adam Bede, Brooke Saiter, Avery Goforth

Question 1

a. When did protests begin?

In March 2011 the first major protests in Syria, it started with the Day of Dignity protest, demanding the release of political prisoners.

b. What were/are people protesting?

They protested having prisoners, the government shooting innocent civilians, president Bashar Assad, and many other things.

c. How did the government respond?

The government responded by gunning down civilians that rallied in the streets.

d. What has been the result?

There has been no end result, the revolution is still going on.

Question 2

a. What is happening in the country?

The people in Syria are protesting and want President Bashar Al-Assad to resign. Chemical weapons were used to kill thousands of Syrians and those weapons are now destroyed. People in Syria want to have more freedoms and rights.

b. Who is in charge of the government?

President Bashar Al-Assad

c. There will be an election for a new president this year and Bashar Al-Assad may win again because even though many hate him and disagree with everything he does, many support him.

d. They are faced with trying to find a new president and letting the people have a bigger say in the government and what goes on in the country.

Question 3

a. Have international organizations or other countries been involved in events in your country? If so, how?

A lot of allie countries have helped them like the US, Saudi Arabia, Iran (based on their geopoliticial interests), but no international organizations that are really known.

b. What has been the United State's position on the events in your country?

The United States has provided more than 1.7 billion dollars fo Syria's people needing help or being displaced. They also want to remove chemical weapons from Syria. We give them a lot of financial support.

Question 4

There is a terrible revolution going on in Syria. Over 3,000 people have been killed fighting for poltical freedom. They're political leader, a dictator named President Bashar al-Assad who had reigned over Syria for a long time. They have been in a struggle for political freedom and some drastic measures have been taken. There has been the use of chemical warfare on Syrian's own people and killed thousands of people. Throughout this huge battle for political relief Syrian have never been closer then before. They all fight for one cause and are willing to do through any means necessary.

I would absolutely call this a revolution. The defintion of a revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in a favor of a new system. Even thought the battle for freedom with Syria isn't over it has the making of a revolution. The people of Syria are trying to overthrow their government in order for a new one to start up.