Your Vote Matters!

Kate Helms

Voting day

Many citizens don't vote in the united states when they need to. We are given the freedom and right to vote and we should use that. Everyones vote matters and everyone should have a say in what will happen in the future of our government


-You must be 18 years olf

-You must be registered to vote

-You must be a citizen of the united states

-Most states require you to register to vote 20-30 days before the election but some let you do it the same day (depends on your state, North Carolina requires 25 days)

- If you are out of the country you can vote by a Absentee poll

Honors portion

New qualifications for 2016

-Must of lived in your U.S. residency for 30 days to vote

-If you are 17 about to turn 18 you need to register 60 days in advance

- You must not be serving time or be convicted of a felony

- Must withdraw registration in any other state