The meaning of all five elements of our high school PRIDE

You are probably wondering what is pride and what is the definition of this five elements?

Well, PRIDE is our new school principle, and the definition behind this five important words are:

P:stands for Prepared which mean organized, equipped and ready ( BE KNOWLEDGEABLE.)

This word can be apply everywhere including:

-In classrooms: For example( attend class on a daily basis, be on time .)

- In public areas: For example having your ID or asking for help.

-Transportation and parking lot: Watching for traffic and also for activities related to school; following school rules.

R: stands for Respectful: having positive and caring feelings toward others and being PRINCIPLED.

-In classrooms: Follow adults direction and use technology appropriately.

-In public areas: Respect property of school and others and also place trash in trash cans.

-Transportation and parking lot: Keep hands to yourself and for School related activities: Use appropriate tone and language.

I: stands for INTENTIONAL: Acting with a sense of purpose, having goals and BE a THINKER.

-In classrooms: Know your goals and inquire when unaware.

-In public areas: Use school resources (Boost, Target, Tutoring.)

-Transportation and parking lot: Drive safely and follow transportation rules and for School related activities, Show your appreciation and follow all school rules.

D: stands for DILIGENT: Working consistently and attentively to accomplish goals, BE REFLECTIVE.

-In classrooms: work hard and act on your purpose.

-Public areas: Reflect on the consequences of actions.

-Transportation and parking lot: Walk and Talk, move quickly to destination and for School related activities: Balancing academic.

E: Stands for ENGAGED: Demonstrating; positive interests; BE BALANCED.

-In classrooms: Inquire and actively participate in class, Help and support classmates.

-In public areas : Make everyone feel welcome at Marietta High School.

-Transportation and parking lot: Drive safely and communicate effectively with adults and peers. For school related activities: Be a service leader, Enthusiastically support participants.

Glittering Generalities

" YOU can't hide your blue Devil P.R.I.D.E"

I stand today, to present to you high school students in Marietta High School at the age of thirteen to eighteen, our new principle P.R.I.D.E either you are male or female this five elements will lead to your succeed at Marietta High School and even in your life.






In order for achieving your goal, this elements would be very essential. By following this five elements, I think you will have the best and most productive years at Marietta High School and also in your life. Only capable and motivate people that are persistence in all situation and take seriously in consideration there education, those are likely to follow this new principle P.R.I.D.E in order to succeed. Meaning by following this five elements you can become a scholar or entrepreneur in the future and this words believe it or not can prepare you for the real world. I mean by that if you do well in school, that mean you learn many skilled that prepare for the real world, which mean you learn communication the most important skill need in order to be successful in life also you learn to be prepared other word you learn to avoid procrastination, you learn how to set goals and work diligently to achieve them. All those are skills learn in school and by following this new principle you can succeed an live a happy life after as the fruits of labor. That is why this new principle is very important in order for you high school students in Marietta High School to be successful.

Again, "You can't hide your Blue Devil P.R.I.D.E"




We as student in Marietta High School must set a good example and motivate everyone to follow the new principle of Marietta High School P.R.I.D.E . In this case, we students of thirteen through eighteen which mean some students in ninth through twelfth grade decided to follow Marietta High School P.R.I.D.E so everyone then can follow it as well. In order to do that we as well decided to do everything we can to be on time in classroom before the bell rings which mean everyday before the bell rang we do not stand and talked in the hallway but contrary we walked directly to our classroom. We also decided to keep hallways and cafeteria clean, by picking any trashes every where. It is very important to respect any adults including our teachers and one another. We also begin to turn in assignments on time and work hard to achieve our goals. We decided to follow dress code, help and support classmates and follow everything in our P.R.I.D.E matrix so everyone can then know and follow the new principle P.R.I.D.E in order to have the best and productive years in high school. This is an opportunity to know and understand what we have to do in order to succeed in high school. This five elements guaranteed each one of us success in Marietta high School and also in our life.