Jamison Journal

November 1, 2013

Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade was a success! Thank you to all the community members that came out to visit the students in their costumes. Here are just a few of the amazing costumes that were on display!

JETS Assembly / Coming Attractions...

Our monthly assembly focused on our local and global communities. Poverty Resolutions, a company based out of our community, gave the students some staggering statistics about our world. Students got a glimpse of how fortunate we truly are! On Friday, November 8th, Ms. Young and the Make a Difference Kids will be sponsoring a school dance-a-thon. Students will come to the gym, during their special time, to dance for our global community. If they want to, students will have the opportunity to make a donation for a great cause. Please visit our website to see the flyer that was recently sent home (News From Jamison).


The Pumpkin Contest was a huge success...

Take a look at the Poem from GRUBS. On another note, I'm impressed Nikki and Lily! Winner of Pumpkin Look-a-like.

A Thank you from GRUBS Ecology...

A Message from Grubs Ecology…

T’was a week before Halloween and all through the school

The pumpkins were painted And man were they cool!

The families had decorated their pumpkins with care

In hopes that the students would all stop and stare

From pumpkins of Phillies to scary to funny

To enter they gave two dollars of money

Good family fun, the proceeds will go

To help Grubs Ecology plant flowers to grow

To plant in our courtyard to bloom in the spring

Thank you to all for the pumpkins you bring.

Grubs thanks to all those who participated in our annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Grubs is Jamison’s Premier Ecology Club. Alright, we’re Jamison’s only Ecology Club, but we thank all the families who participated! You made this the most successful Pumpkin Decorating Contest yet! We hope you had fun “carving” out some family time to work on your pumpkins. A HUGE THANK YOU ALSO GOES OUT TO ALL WHO BOUGHT TICKETS TO VOTE FOR YOU FAVORITE PUMPKINS…Jamison Elementary Rocks!

Fall Conferences

Fall Conferences are fast approaching. Please check with your child's teacher if you are unaware of your scheduled conference time.

On a side note, this is a great opportunity to discuss your child. Many families want to focus on the report card itself; however, in my mind, this is a great time to discuss who your child is as a student and as a person at school. Ask your child's teacher about grit, perserverance, work ethic, and attitude. These adjectives will define your child's success as he / she continues to grow. Yes, grades are an indicator of some level of school success. But, with that stated, the adjectives listed above are life indicators. Take the time to discuss your child's overall success...I'm certain it will be a much more meaningful conversation than, "good job, 3 A's and 2 B's", how can you get those B's to A's? Or, "1A, 2B's, and 2 C's", what went wrong?

Again, this is just my opinion. Try to focus on the child, not the grade. I know it's difficult, but it leads to a much more meaningful converstaion about your child looking within him/herself.

Don't forget about the Book Fair!

1/2 Day for Students!

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 12pm

2090 Land Road

Jamison, PA

Wednesday, November 6th is a half day for students! There is no PM Kindergarten.


We Salute You Award:

This is a monthly award given to a student that a staff member feels exemplifies “Nothing less than your Best! and You don't have to...you get to.” This award can be given to a student that goes out of his/her way to help a friend, is a great classmate, and gives 110% in everything he/she does. This student receives a certificate at our monthly assembly as well as a Jamison Jet T-Shirt.

October’s Winner: Kenny Powell

Boomerang Award:

October Asset #31 – Restraint - Young person can identify, regulate, and control his/her behaviors and emotions in healthy ways, particularly in stressful or unstructured situations.

· Winner – Logan Gelfand

· Nominees – Bryn Brown, Angelo Coccia-Yates, Jeffrey Decker, Mrs. Decker,

Winston Deem, Shane McCreesh, Kenny Powell, Hannah Sims, Chase Smith

Jet Ticket Winners:

When students are “caught being good”, a Jamison staff member can recognize their behavior by giving them a JET Ticket. The student must write his/her name on the ticket and circle the appropriate character trait (Respect / Responsibility / Safe Community / Sportsmanship). Students place the JET Tickets in the Ticket Box located outside of the Main Office. Then, three students are randomly drawn at our monthly assembly and are given Jet T-Shirts.

October’s Winners:

· Jeremy Chen

· Joseph Hammond

· Sophia Kane

Honorary Jet:

Each month, someone in our JET community will be recognized for all that he/she does for our building.

October’s award recipient was Mr. Steve Forostiak, a parent who spends a lot of his time on the weekends taking care of the gardens at Jamison; weeding, planting, edging, moving plants. We appreciate his time in beautifying our school.

Clothing Drive

Jamison will be holding a clothing drive during fall conferences. Please visit the following link for details.


Dates to Remember

~November 2013~

November 6th - Early Dismissal 11:55 AM, End of Marking Period

November 6th - No PM Kindergarten

November 8th - Dance-A-Thon

November 11th to 15th - Scholastic Book Fair

November 12th - Book Fair Family Night

November 18th - Report Cards Distributed

November 19th - Picture Retake Day, 6th Grade Panoramic Photo

November 22nd - No Kindergarten, Additional Parent Conferences

November 25th - Evening Parent Conferences

November 26th - Early Dismissal 11:55 AM, No Kindergarten,

November 26th - Parent Conferences

November 27th to 29th - No School

~Looking Ahead ~

December 7th - Warwick Twp. Winter Celebration 11:00 AM

December 17th - Winter Concert 7:00 PM

Dec. 23rd to Jan. 1st - Winter Recess

~PSSA Testing ~

March 17th to 28th - Grades 3 through 6, Math and Reading

March 31st to April 4th - Grade 5, Writing

April 28th to May 2nd - Grade 4, Science