5th Grade ELA News


This week in reading, we focused on inferring. This has been an area that all of 5th grade has focused on given students' struggles with this skill on the winter reading core. We started by working through generating and supporting inferences with text evidence in a Storyworks article about Orangutans. We worked as a whole class, in partners, and independently on this work. I returned students' graded work to them the next day and they completed a reflection based on their skill level (which was also rooted in their graded assignment). From there, they chose a new inference practice task. They chose one that was hard, harder, or hardest. No easy, medium, hard in here! We talked about how if you're struggling with inferring, a good choice would be to start with hard and if you really are good at inferring, starting with hardest would make the most sense if you want to push yourself as a reader.


This week was a lot of writing catch up. A few still had their Chocolate Milk opinion pieces to finish, and others were still wrapping up their writing assessment or spring break writing. We did squeeze in some more Type to Learn, Writing Prompt Wednesday, and some grammar work. This week in WPW, we focused on capitalizing proper nouns and NOT capitalizing common nouns.


Next week (the week beginning May 2nd) will be our LAST week for spelling words. Thanks for all your support this year with spelling homework!

Bucket Fillers

As the year comes to a close and kids are more anxious, more tired, and more ready for summer and middle school, sometimes we aren't at our best. We say things we don't mean, we get caught up in gossip, and we don't think before we speak. In comes Bucket Filler Friday. We started this today in an effort to encourage a positive climate. Don't get me wrong - these are all nice kids who say nice things and encourage each other, most of the time but I wanted to add something to our week that would help that continue. If you aren't familiar with the idea, just google "bucket fillers." The premise of the idea (which is a picture book, too) is that everyone has an invisible bucket and it gets filled and can be dipped into. We want to be bucket fillers and we want to have full buckets. This happens when we treat people the way we want to be treated by doing kind things and using kind words. Each student's name was on a bucket filler card today and each student took a card and filled that person's bucket by writing them a nice note. We shared many of them and it was a great celebration and hopefully an uplifting experience for all kids. Have you filled someone's bucket today? :)
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