Family Violence Issues

Come And Talk About Finding A Solution To This Problem

Family Violence Has Started To Become A Big Issue And We're Trying To Stop It

This topic has become a great issue and we will be discussing our past situation or advice that we have for others in need. We will talk about past experiences and adivce we have for each other we will also discussing different voluntary work what we can join in to try and stop this terrible problem. What we need from our community is support and patience to try to make this situation as less frequent as we can around our community.

Meet Us At Kickback Jack's

Sunday, Feb. 16th, 5pm

5081 Morganton Rd

Fayetteville, NC


5:00 - We will all meet at Kickback Jack's and have a dinner provided by us

5:45 - We will head towards our venue and settle down

6:00 - We'll Start discussing the problems and discuss solutions

6:10 - Start sharing experiences if we would like, or personal advice

6:30 - Closing speech and we'll all be dismissed

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