Welcome to Mr. Hall's Class!

Grade 6

About Me

My Name is Corey Hall I am a grade 6 teacher at Father Francis Mcspiritt catholic elementary school. I have been a teacher with the Dufferin-Peel catholic district school board for five years. I have two children aged 8 and 17 months. When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing basketball, exercising, and reading. I look forward to collaborating with you all as we meet your son or daughters learning goals!

Who Influences my teaching style?

David H. Rose

David H. Rose is a developmental neuropsychologist and educator who teaches at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Rose is the founder the Universal Design for Learning which is "a curriculum-development framework based on flexible instructional approaches that can be customized and adjusted to address the learning needs of individual students."


I will tailor my teaching style to your son or daughter individually :)

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Teaching Philosophy

Every student is a unique flower, which is brought together with others to form a beautiful bouquet.
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Classroom Management

I am serious about education and I have very clear rules and expectations in the classroom. Three aspects that I emphasize in my classroom are: consistency, organization, and mutual respect.

As a class, we will make the class rules on the first day, so that way if a rule is broken, the student can be reminded that we came up wit these rules together and they were agreed upon.

When discipline has to go beyond the classroom, it is important that there are open lines of communication between myself and you as a parent, because we have the same interest in mind, that being the success of your child.