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Welcome to Pine Tree Primary School!

In an effort to make the beginning of the school year smooth, please read the following information about the first week of classes:

  • On the first day of school, parents are allowed to walk in your students! Parents that walk students in the building can begin taking students to their classroom at 7:20. (This is only for the first day of school.) Doors open at 7:05 for students to eat breakfast. Parents are asked to say goodbye by 7:35, so we can begin our school day. The students that ride the bus or are dropped off will be guided to the right direction!

  • Parents are invited to join staff in the auditorium at 7:50 for Tears and Cheers: Parent Orientation. This will last about 20 minutes.

  • Beginning on the 2nd day of school, students will need to either ride the bus or be dropped off in the appropriate car line. Students that arrive after the 7:35 tardy bell must be walked into the office by a parent.

  • The school day is from 7:35-3:10. It is important that students stay all day. When students are checked out early, it disrupts the learning in the classroom for the teacher and the other students. Our schedule lends itself for students to be instructed in math at the end of the day.

Arrival and Dismissal

Please understand that our buses will take longer to get your children to their after school destination during the first few weeks of school. Car lines will also be longer during the first few weeks. Be patient with us! Our bus drivers are learning new faces and new places!

All transportation changes must be made in the office or sent in a note. Transportation changes will not be made over the phone.

Drop Off Procedures

In an effort to increase traffic flow during morning drop off, the following changes will be implemented for the 2018-2019 school year:

  1. Drop off Lines open at 7:05 and close at 7:35. Teachers at drop off must return inside at this time because students are entering classrooms. Please make sure to be in the line by 7:30. Being in the line at 7:35 does not guarantee your child will be let in through the entrance. Once teachers go inside at 7:35 any cars remaining in line will need to go to office.

  2. Any student dropped off after 7:35, must be walked into the office and signed into the computer. Students may not be dropped off outside without school staff available to meet them.

  3. Please form one line in the morning when entering the drop off area. Please stay in the lane closest to the curb and building. Two lines will only be used at pick up in the afternoons.

  1. Students should be ready to exit the car when you enter the drop off zone. Have backpacks ready to go. Please train your child how to buckle up, unbuckle and exit car on own. Greeters will be on sidewalk to welcome your child into the school building.

  2. At 7:36 a.m. your child will be counted tardy.

Main Office Parking Area

Bus and Van Riders will be picked up in the bus lane at the main office entrance off Silver Falls Road.

  • Bus lane is for buses and vans only. There is no parking in fire lanes. Fire lanes are indicated by a red painted curb labeled “Fire Lane, No Parking.”

  • If dropping off a student at the office, please park in a parking spot and walk the student into the office.

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Join PTA!

The school year is upon us. As we busily prepare for the start of the new school year I wanted to send out a big thank you for your consideration of supporting our children. PTA is the largest and oldest nonprofit, volunteer child advocacy association in the country. Its purpose is to make better lives for all children and youth. No other association is committed to making every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

  • Other groups may focus on certain student or parent groups, PTA focuses on all children.
  • Other groups may focus on test scores as a measure of success, PTA focuses on bringing to reality the potential of every child.
  • Other groups may focus on making students successful through curriculum and instruction, PTA focuses on making students successful through the engagement and empowerment of parents, families and the community.

Thank you for your support!

Andy Burnfield
Pine Tree PTA President
Cell: (903) 918-0222
Mail: PO BOX 931, Longview, TX 75606-0931

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