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Welcome to home, first thing you'll have to know is that are company was Michigan born and raised, were happy to serve all your need's. Were happy to tell you that are company just went international, obviously are head courters is in Michigan we are happy to say your needs are backed up by are 4 and a half star rating on many sites.


We suggest are services that are in Italy. you have a few options one possibility is that you can rent a car from us (we only except Italian currency) and tour yourselves or one of are certified drives can tour you around. They can pick you up from virtually almost anywhere, from your hotel to a restaurant we will be there. but since it is very crowded in Italy I also suggest if it is close to just walk. Also if you have enough money getting a ride on the canal, it is very quick and pleasant.
A Venice Canal Tour With Walks of Italy

tour of a italian canal

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One thing you'll love about Italy is there cuisine. They are famous for there noodles and some spices; lasagna,alfredoe and other pastas are very famous there. They are also very famous for there deserts, crapes croissant with chocolate to there divine cakes. In my opinion Italian food is one of the best. P.S. it is also the most filling

Weather and seasons

The weather in Italy obviously as we know is very warm even warm in the cold seasons maybe not as warm as the warm seasons but warm enough. A fact is that it never gets below 15 degrees ferinheit. The average temperature there is 50 to 65 degrees ferinheit.
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Some famous attractions the roman coliseum, it is famous because long ago it held many atrocity's gladiators would be forced to fight to the death and after many battles they would start to enjoy bloodshed. They would become barbarians and starve for battle. there are many more I will include it after this.
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Italy's currency is the euro. The euro is a currency used in 36 country's its base money system is coins but as the amount gets higher it consists of paper money.
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most of the one's you need are in the picture above. I believe that this would be important when you need help or are in trouble.