The wonders of life

What is photosynthesis?

When you ask someone "How important are plants" most people say well they give us air. Do you really thing how important plants are? They are the suppliers of energy (for living things) and without them it would be hard to live. The thing that really makes plants is photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is really how plants are made. The process starts with sunlight, or radiant energy. That is photosynthesis's main energy source. When the sun gives the plants sunlight it changes that radiant energy into chemical energy. Chemical energy is the food or glucose in this case. That's how the plants stay alive they make their own food using photosynthesis. Photosynthesis keeps us alive and the plant alive. The process is not that easy though you have to go through steps to make this and create chemical energy. There are the products and the reactants in the formula for photosynthesis. The formula for photosynthesis is carbon dioxide plus water then adds light for glucose finally glucose plus oxygen equals photosynthesis. In that formula the reactants were carbon dioxide, water, and light. They react and make the products it’s what is given to the plant. While the products are what the plant makes. The products were oxygen and glucose, plants make food and air. That’s really important for us. Living animals need the air from plants to survive and the food just as much. That’s why we should plant more trees with the help of photosynthesis we can get more nutrients and oxygen. We need to become greener and help get more plants into this society.

More detail into photosynthesis

For the process of photosynthesis to work there is something else needed in a plant. That is chloroplast. Chloroplast is the organelles of a plant cell where photosynthesis occurs. It is responsible for caring out the process of photosynthesis. Plants need chloroplast for photosynthesis to work. Plants also need the sun for photosynthesis. The sun is the main energy source for photosynthesis. Not just plants a lot of other living things to. Plants are very important for animals or living things. Animals get plants as their food source and give animals their energy. Without plants eventually most of the species would die out. This is why plants are at the begging of the food chain. They are the energy supplier for a lot of living things. Animals and humans need plants to survive and stay alive. So if you think about it without photosynthesis plants would not be able to grow and we would not get food or oxygen. Photosynthesis is very important for us and we need to realize that, so we can embrace it. We as humans need to help the plants and plant more! If we do this we can have a cleaner environment and really get our needs better. Planting trees and plants can solve this; it helps the plants and us. It’s a double win for plants and animals/humans. Let’s help the plants!