Jesus Pedroza

Period 4

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My nephews !

The two on the ends are twins and they are my sister's kids and the one in the middle is my brother's son. These three are the ones that matter most to me in the whole world, I take them everywhere I go. We always going laser tagging, carnivals, swimming & etc.
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The Dallas Cowboys

Now I present to you the best team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. I honestly think we have the most haters, everyone dislikes the Cowboys because we just better than everyone else. We won the NFC East Championship last year & we going to win again this year. This off season we lost our best running back to the Eagles & ended up picking up Darren McFadden in the proccess.
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Way back when

This was me when I was in like elementry school & everyone would come at me for my bowl cut. I would always get called mushroom head or bowl head. That haircut is how eeveryone remembers from back in the day. People I haven't seen or spoken to in years & the first thing out their mouth is, "didn't you have the mushroom cut? ".
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Florida this summer

This summer I went to Florida for a week & a half. I had so much fun down there, I experienced some Disney World, but the beaches down there are beautiful and theres always something to do.