ISIS Religious Control

By: Eva Sandoval


ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They are a Sunni, extremist rebel group that controls territory in Iraq, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East. They are at war with the Iraq government, which is ran by Shia Muslims. Many western countries know who they are by their public beheadings of American journalists.

Control and Propaganda

How ISIS uses Religious Control

ISIS is known to be extremely violent, like performing public beheadings and taking over cities. The way they are able to manipulate their followers into performing these violent acts is to use religion. They tell people that their religion is in danger, and that their beliefs are being threatened by others. They are able to convince people that they are saving their religion.

Political Propaganda

By preforming public acts of violence and infuriating the United States, ISIS is proving not only to their followers, but to others who are against America just how powerful they are. They are conveying the political message that they are fearless and powerful enough to trouble the United States.

How ISIS uses propaganda on social media

ISIS is known for its propaganda on social media, that is considered to be more sophisticated than most US companies. With the particular use of twitter, they distribute their message through hashtag campaigns, and utilizing software applications that allows their propaganda to be given out to their supporters. ISIS's main media outlet is I'tisaam Media Foundation, which targets Western audiences by producing material in a number of different languages.