Academic Resources Newsletter

November 2019


Academic Resources supports Teacher-Based Teams (TBT), Professional Learning Communities (PLC), and Building Leadership Teams (BLT) as they implement the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and work in concert with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to facilitate school improvement efforts in the district. We are dedicated individuals that strive to support, encourage, and facilitate collaborative practices in order to cultivate student achievement.

School Improvement


The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) brings educators together through collaborative team structures and facilitates communication and decision-making between and across a multitude of systems. The team structure consists of peer-to-peer networks that encourage all voices and allow for the inclusion of multiple perspectives in guiding each school toward organizational learning and continuous support.

The purpose of TBTs is to work continuously to strengthen teaching and learning for all students through collaborative planning based on the collective interpretation of formative assessment data. When TBTs fulfill their purpose, teachers acquire higher levels of individual and collective efficacy, they use more effective practices, and student learning improves. The diagram below illustrates the connections.

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What are the major research findings that link the work of teacher-teams to school improvement?

The diagram below summarizes the most important findings.

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Structured Protocols Increase Productivity

Using established protocols to support effective collaboration helps all teams, and particularly those that are just getting started. Protocols enable teams to stay focused on teaching and learning and to use their time well. The diagram below lists some effective protocols.
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BLT Sample Agenda Items

Each month the BLT should provide an agenda that details all required and optional focus points that will be discussed and documented for ODE. Below you will find a list of sample items you can choose from to create your own BLT Agenda. BLT Agendas should be emailed prior to the meeting to your district Internal Facilitator and State Support Team Representative.

Reminder: BLTs are required to meet a minimum of 120 minutes per month with the intent of covering all of the required agenda items. See List for details.


Each month Academic Resources will spotlight a priority or focus school that is working the Ohio Improvement Process with fidelity. Schools have the opportunity to share best practices and strategies with other schools to showcase the benefits of using the process. Schools that would like to be nominated for the month should complete the nomination form and submit it by the 5th of each month. Download form below.

Buhrer Dual Language Academy

Buhrer has been selected as our OIP SPOTLIGHT school for November!

The TBTs function exceptionally well as a result of their fidelity of implementation of the five-step process. They analyze the data from all students (including subgroup populations) at all TBT meetings, and through this process develop multiple teaching and learning strategies they will implement. They hold each other accountable, and they support each other collaboratively not only within their own grade bands, but vertically as well. The principal, as a leader of the process, supports all the staff members as they strengthen the adult practices in their classrooms.


Thursday, Nov. 14th, 10am to Monday, Nov. 18th, 1:15pm

1349 East 79th Street

Cleveland, OH

There will be a working informational meeting at East Professional Development Center Nov 14, 15, and 18 for all priority and focus schools that were not awarded previous SIG funds or School Quality Improvement funds. During this session schools will apply for a non-competitive one-time grant. See the attached schedule below for details. The building principal and union chair are required to attend. Please bring a copy of your AAP and potential ideas for spending funds.

Funds will be allocated to all schools that apply.

Priority schools will be allocated $52,500

Focus school will be allocated $32,500.


The mission of Academic Resources is to ensure that our schools receive the proper tools necessary for students to achieve the best educational experiences and outcomes possible through supporting staff development on the path to becoming a premier school district.