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May 9, 2016

Quote of the Week

"F.E.A.R. has two meanings- Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise"-Author Unknown

Weekly Update By: Aidan

The Weekly Update:

We have NWEA reading and math testing coming up.

Math-May 17-18

Reading-May 24-25

Genius Hour has replaced our 4th quarter Discovery Quest due to lack of time. We have also chosen books that will "stretch our minds" to create a product to show our comprehension of the story. These will be presented end of May-1st week of June.Just recently we started playing a game called Wikipedia Wars at morning meeting. The object of the game is to start at one subject, and get to a completely unrelated one. For example, we had to click links in Wikipedia to get from curling to Kenya. So far, all of our subjects have been doable.

From the Teacher

We will be getting new iPads on Monday, May 16th. You child will need to make sure that your iPad is backed up and that their projects are saved. Please have them delete any old photos or personal information on their ipad.

Important- I will be combing the 4th Discovery Quest and the Genius Hour presentation into one presentation. Their 4th Discovery Quest will be their Genius Hour topic and presentation.

NWEA Math-May 17-18

NWEA Reading-May 24-25

Sign-up genius for Forest Hills Field Day

Tech Tip of the Week By: Andy K.

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Student of the Week:


If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Drum sticks

What do you think about going to Eden Lake?

I think It's going to be fun

If you could have any job you wanted what would it be?

Pro Football Player

If you could add any other educational topic to school what would it be?


What is your favorite football player?

Ezekiel Elliott

What is your favorite subject?


Facts of the Week By: James

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words

You can change your language on Facebook to "Pirate."

The scientific name for the Western lowland gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla.

80,000 people graduated from McDonald's Hamburger University with a bachelor's degree in hamburgerology.

Charlie Chaplin once lost in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest

Weather By: Elliot and Joe


Space News BY: Karthick and Nikhil

The ESA is a 22-nation space agency.Recently it has started a project to put a special kind of satellite to space.Air bus has started to help ESA a little.There is going to be a 12-meter-diameter deployable antennae built in Germany.The satellite is called Biomass.It will be the satellite will be the first space-borne P-band antenna.The satellite will help different countries around the world.Biomasses coverage will not include North America,Britain,Greenland or Turkey. ESA has been worried that other regions will deploy Radars with the same design.-Karthick

Recently SpaceX has been figuring how to build their new rockets falcon 9 and falcon heavy.They have drawn a lot of the many many schematics that will be needed to create them.Right now they have estimated very thoroughly on the price of the new rockets and it looks like falcon 9 is going to cost $62 million and falcon heavy is going to cost $90 million.The only reason falcon heavy costs more is because it has more boosters and more instruments to use for experiments.Because of their budget SpaceX will probably be able to afford the falcon heavy.-Nikhil

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Math Puzzle of the Week By: Brian

How can you throw a ball 20 meters, and have it come back to you without hitting anything?

Answer:Posted Next Week

Answer from last week: Charles committed the crime.

Optical Illusion of the Week

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Book Recommendation from Adam

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a science fiction book about people living inside a giant maze with monsters around every corner. The maze has been searched for an exit for two years. Thomas the newest person to the maze must find a way out of the maze before the monsters attack...

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Interview of Mr. Johnson By: Mary and Bella

This week Mr. Johnson was interviewed!

Q: Do you like third grade?

A:I do, I think third grade is really interesting because kids start to realize that they are here for their own future.

Q: What was your favorite part of the year so far?

A: I really liked "Geomotricity". In that project the students created a different district where in each one there was a different geometry term that they had to use to creat that section.

Q: What was it like to go from a regular classroom to MOSAIC?

A: Jumping from a regular classroom to mosaic is very different because we do more project based learning than working on hard core skills, but it is hard for me as a teacher to know if every kid is understanding what they need to. In mosaic we try to do fun things that are educational where in a regular classroom you still do that but it is put out in the form of a worksheet rather then something like a play or presentation.

Q: What did your kids most enjoy doing this year?

A: I think that Geomotricity would be the first thing, but they also enjoyed read aloud. I know that this year my kids have fully experienced the journey of reading.

Current Events By: Harshan

On May 3rd, President Obama goes to Flint, Michigan to prove that the water is safe. So he drinks the new filtered water. So the Flint, Michigan water crisis is over and the people who live there are safe again. In Canada a big wildfire happened. But this isn't a normal wildfire. The smoke from the wildfire is actually here in Minnesota! This is because the smoke is being carried over to Minnesota by the wind. This is so important that they had to cancel a Eden Prairie Soccer Club practice because there was too much smoke.

Sports by: Shaun and Aden


May 1st: Twins vs. Tigers­ L 5-­6

May 2nd: Twins vs. Astros­ W 6-­2

May 3rd: Twins vs. Astros­ L 4-6

May 4th: Twins vs. Astros­ L4­-16

Jose Berrios for the Minnesota Twins got his first Major League win against the Houston Astros. In the NBA playoffs the Heat and the Raptors are tied up 1­1.

Recess Soccer
Offensive MVP: Joe Seigler

Defensive MVP: Aidan Rice

Game of the Week By: Aidan

Election News By: Aden

Election News

Trump is the likely Republican nominee and Clinton has more pledged and super delegates. Clinton has more delegates than Sanders with 2,228-1,454. And Trump has 1,068 delegates while Cruz has 564 and Kasich has 153. Ted Cruz and John Kasich both dropped out of the race last week.

Book of the Week Feature By: Sasha Allen

The book of the week is The Thickety- A Path Begins by J. A. White. Kara Westfall’s mother is a witch. When Kara was six, her mother was executed for witchcraft. Kara was also tested for witchcraft, but was proved innocent. But when Kara is older, she goes into the magical and dangerous forest called the Thickety, and finds her mother’s old grimoire, or spellbook. At first, the grimoire seems blank to Kara, but she soon learns how to use it. Before she knows it, she is creating animals and controlling their actions. This makes her realize a very important thing that will change her life, that she actually is a witch.

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Artwork by Sebastian

Poem of the Week By: Anna D.

I tried to take a selfie
when I was all alone.
I never should have done it.
It broke my mobile phone.

I guess I'm not so pretty.
I thought that I was cuter.
I snapped one with my laptop
and busted the computer.

I cracked my father's camera.
My mother's iPad too.
This shouldn't be so difficult.
I don't know what to do.

At last I got a selfie;
perhaps the worst one yet.
I posted it online today.
It broke the Internet.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Riddle of the Week By: Cameron

Q: I have keys but no locks.

I have a space but no room.

You can enter, but can't go outside.

What am I?

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