Acquired Trait vs Inherited Trait

The Epic Showdown-Dun Dun Dun!!! Who will win?

By: Taylor Doyle 👧

Whats The Difference? Which one is better?

The difference is only in where you got them from. Did you inherit them from your parents or family? Or did you acquire them from your own experience?

Actually, in my humble opinion, acquired is really better. Say you are in a fight. Would your acquired trait of being fast going to save you, or your inherited trait of having blue eyes? Unless they want to maim everyone in the world with blue eyes, that point goes to you guessed it, acquired.But, in all fairness, inherited traits aren't all physical features. You can inherit the trait of being athletic from your dad, or being good with your hands at small tasks, ex, sewing. But, you are going to use most of your inherited traits, like reading and solving problems in life more than your acquired. So the answer to that question is ACQUIRED!*

*All of this is in my opinion, and you have your own opinion that you have acquired (yep, acquired!) over your life.

My inherited traits

Acquired Traits