Lakota Preschool Daily Memo!

By: Kelly Miller

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Due Dates this Week:

May 3rd- FInal Policy Council Updates are due by 12 N

May 3rd- Evening Conferences (all staff ending by 8pm)

May 6th- Daytime Conferences continued, if needed

May 6th- Early Childhood End of Year Picnic (hosted by Suzanne & Sissy, BCESC 11a-1p- MANDATORY, with the exception of a transition meeting!)

May 6th- All transportation forms due to Stephanie for student's returning next year
May 6th- Respond to Kelly's e-mail regarding Resource Room!


Kelly at Shawnee & Creekside
Stephanie at Wyandot (K Transition Meetings)
**Evening Conferences until 8pm)**
Kelly at Creekside, Shawnee & Liberty
Stephanie at Creekside (K Transition Meetings)
**Creekside Staff Luncheon**
Kelly at Shawnee & Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside
Kelly & Stephanie at Shawnee & BCESC
**BCESC Early Childhood Picnic from 11a-1p**
+Don't forget to practice the dance!+


Jodie Lamping- Jennifer Perry (a.m.) & no p.m. coverage


Floating IA- Gigi covering

Liberty A support- Jennifer Perry covering (p.m.)


Transition Meeting/Child Review Coverage- Sylvia Miner (a.m.)


Sending a HUGE shout-out to all of the staff and the special roles you play in the lives of your student's and families. It was a pleasure to sit in IEP meetings this morning and hear the heartwarming stories of how you have touched their lives; through the evaluation process to the growth they've seen in their child, to the resources we've provided their family. Tears were being held back as they shared their appreciation of the work that each of you do to support them! I couldn't be more proud of all of you as I sat there listening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do! It certainly does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.


Amber Urban- 5/15

Sara Messner- 5/17

Lauren True- 5/26

Shana Ellison- 5/29

Christine Uhl- 5/29

Sarah Now- 5/30


Susan Hollowell- 6/3

Lisa Iacovone- 6/20

Shantel Neeley- 6/26


Important Dates:

May 12th- Parent Satisfaction Survey's Forms Due

May 13th- Last Staff Meeting of Year (BCESC, 2-4pm)

*Bring all completed surveys to our staff meeting. These should be in a sealed envelope, labeled "Debra Chan." * (3-4pm (End-of-Year Picnic, courtesy of Fans Network!)

May 14th- ELA completed and score sheets submitted to Sharon Meek

May 18th- End of Year Open-House at Nicolle's House!