Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics


Gregor started the research for genetics.

Pros and Cons of his early years


1.Top Marks in mathematics and science

2. He finished and got his degree in 1853


1.He was poor

2. He couldn’t pass the very tough exams

How Gregor Started his work

Pea Plants

Gregor started the research using pea plants. He mixed two different plants and studied what trails it would get.

Data: Data Gregor made using the pea plants

  • Seed shape/ round/ 5,474/ Angular/ 1,850/ RATIO/ 2.959:1
  • Pod color/ Yellow/ 428/ Green/ 152/ RATIO/ 2.816:1
  • Stem length/ long/ 787/ short/ 277/ RATIO/ 2.841:1

  • Total/ Dominant/ 6,689/ Recessive/ 2,279/ RATIO/ 2.935:1

Scientists reactions

  1. Scientist thought that they already knew about Heredity.
  2. They didn't fully understand it.

Built off his work

Scientist have identified the number of trails and the pattern it runs in.


Dominant: Gene that will overpower another gene

Ex: Don looks like his dad

Recessive: A gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

Ex: Jorge has blue eyes like her dad, but her mom has green eyes

CoDominant: Gene that is neither dominant or recessive

Ex: Meagan Has the same color of hair and face structure of her mom, but she has the same skin tone as her dad.