Force Motion Energy

By: Siraj Mahmud, Kyri Stanford, Jeremy Palmantar

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential energy is stored energy and Kinetic energy is energy that used.Potential energy turns in to kinetic by doing stored energy and using it which is kinetic energy.When the pendulum swing is up its potential energy,when its down its kinetic energy.There is more kinetic energy when the swing is in the middle.when the swing is up it more potential.

Changes in position,direction,and speed of an object.

Velocity changes the position,direction,or speed.You can tell when in object is in motion when its changes position.The difference between balanced force is that balanced forece acts on equal opposite. Unbalanced force is a unequal body of Nat.The reason why a balls hit because of the impact when it hits.


To calculate speed you need density.To measure speed you need density.People use graphs to calculate time and speed.