K-12 Reading License at the U

Join the 2016 Cohort of Our New Online Program

Be a Literacy Leader with Expertise and Confidence in These Areas:

· Reading processes across K-12

· Systems and programs that support literacy development

· Teaching and assessing the skills, strategies, and concepts necessary for reading growth and achievement

· Developing and implementing reading instruction and intervention programs

· Adapting instructional strategies to meet student needs at all levels

· Developing collegial relationships with other reading experts and educators

· Directing and coordinating literacy programs and instruction within schools or districts

The Program

  • Now Online (newly updated and maximized for a flexible collaborative experience)
  • Can be completed in15 months
  • Begins Summer 2016 and completed Fall 2017
  • Includes 5 courses and field experiences for 15 course credits
  • Can be applied toward the M.Ed. Professional Studies Program in Literacy Education at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Advantage

All courses and other program components are designed and taught by nationally prominent leaders in literacy research and teacher professional development with access to cutting edge knowledge and resources

Attention District Leaders

We are seeking district partners for an unique opportunity to tailor the program to meet the needs of both your district and your teachers! This district cohort will participate in coursework aligned to District goals and initiatives while offering affordable tuition for your teachers.

Contact Bonnie D. Houck, Ed.D, Program Coordinator



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