Cyber Smart

By Haydn Galea

5 Points

1. Don't respond to nasty, immature or offensive comments. Giving trolls the attention they want only gives them more power.

2.Abusive texts and emails, hurtful messages, images or videos, imitating others online to set them up, excluding others online, nasty online gossip and chat

3. If someone else posted sexual or naked photos or videos of you online, report them to the service they posted it on.

4. Don’t post personal information – small pieces of personal data can be used to build a much bigger picture.

5. Think before you post, send or blog.

Tips For Success in High School

1. Be Responsable

2. Be Resecpectful

3. Be Safe

4. Follow the School Rules

5. Get to Class on Time

6. Dont Miss Classes

7. Stay in School at School Times

8. Wear School Uniform

9. Dont Bully Any Kids

10. Strive for the Summit