Mitty the Daydreamer

Using daydreams as part of the text structure, the author conveys the idea that Walter Mitty lacks self confidence and has stress which causes him to daydream.

Walter Mitty avoids standing up to his wife.

Walter ignores his wife when she says he is driving too fast. Also, when his wife tells him to put on the gloves, he puts on the gloves, however, he takes them off when she leaves.
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Walter lets people make fun of him and does not stand up for himself.

He does not respond to the lady who laughed at him in the street. Walter does not stand up to the parking garage man who shows off.
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Walter Mitty uses daydreams to escape parts of his life when he is stressed.

He daydreams when the parking garage man yells at him. Walter also daydreams when his wife bosses him around.

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Although daydreaming may seem weird to the common man, it's Walter Mitty's only escape for his own personal bliss.