Legal research and legal writing

Orientation programme for law students

Significance of legal research and legal writing

As aspirants of law, it is important to understand every aspect of the field to make it holistic. Law without legal research or legal writing is incomplete and is essential for sound understanding of the thoughts and intentions of the law makers and the law and also the effective implementation of such laws. Therefore legal research and writing is an armour of a successful lawyer.

What is the course all about?

'Legal Research & Writing Skills' introduces students to the basic skills of legal research and legal writing. The module includes lectures and practical sessions handled by eminent personalities and academicians from other universities. It includes hands-on workshops and structured seminars. Students are taught the skills of legal essay writing and legal research and they practise these skills by completing a research workbook and by writing a legal essay. Formative feedback will be provided on the essay.

The module also addresses the usage of citation and reference in writing a legal paper. Students are moreover introduced to the skills necessary to give effective oral presentations. In coordination with Kreetam’s legal research team, time will also be given to self-reflect on future employment opportunities for paid legal research.

The aim of the module is to provide students with the skills necessary to successfully complete their course. To that end, hands-on workshops, the research workbook and the legal essay give students a chance to put their developing skills into practice.

Course duration and modules

Duration: 50 hours


a) Introduction to legal research

b) Legal analysis

c) Tools of legal research

d) Interactive session/workshops

e) Practical session

f) Introduction to legal writings

g) Essentials of legal writing

h) Introduction to different types of legal literature.

i) Introduction to project white paper.

j) Practical session

k) Certificate distribution

l) Paid legal research.

The course will include interactive audio visual sessions and a competition wherein the best three students will be awarded and adjudged


Registration fee: Rs 1500

Programme coordinator: Sapna Mohan

Venue: Bangalore Institute of Legal studies

Program start date: 31st August,2013

Last date of registration: 28th August, 2013