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The Joy of the Season

The same teacher who went out of her way to collect jackets for family members of students in her class was recently told by a student, "There is nothing that you will teach me that will have any affect on my life."

The words cut deeply as the teacher shared her story. Knowing all that teacher had done, that a young person would have the audacity to say those words was truly astounding. The teacher, in her wisdom, knew the young lady didn't understand. She just couldn't understand. She didn't have the years to know. And so, the teacher immediately forgave her, for she knew that the young lady just could not understand . . . yet.

You see, Mrs. Stacy knows that the one who loves last, wins. She has seen those students who were "tough to crack" begin to soften under her persistent kindness and kind persistence. She knows that this student will be one of the tough ones, but she believes . . . AND THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Our school is filled with this kind of love. It's all around us . . . when we choose to see it. And yes, there are those students who might affect our "happiness" on occasion. But, I've heard it said this year, that "joy" and "happiness" are not the same. And young people today just don't understand that . . . yet.

A joyful heart can withstand the "wounds" that students sometimes create. A teacher with a joyful heart knows that teenagers sometimes lash out at those who try to help them. Our school has some teachers that just don't have the years to know the effect they are having on young lives. Please be encouraged by the joy of the season. The hope that is present this time of year, for some of our students, starts with us. Thank you for being the light!

Big Question: How will you support that one student that needs you the most during the holidays?

Week at a Glance

Week of 12/15

8th Grade Map Testing

12/15 – West Middle Band/Orchestra Concert 6:30pm, PAC

12/16 – Assembly, State recognition, #36 ACT recognition, etc. – PM Assembly Schedule

12/16 – MLCHS Band/Orchestra Concert 7pm, PAC Boys Basketball vs Madison Central

12/17 – UGLY SWEATER CONTEST, SBDM, 4pm Conference Room

12/18 – Choir Concert 7pm, PAC

12/18 – Midterms – 0,2,4,6 periods

12/19 – Midterms – 1,3,5,7 periods

Break out your Christmas Sweaters on Wednesday

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