Mobile X-Ray Lab

by Shiloh

Origin of the Mobile X-Ray Lab

  • The history of this device really coincides with it's founder's, Marie Curie.
  • Marie's Radium Institute had just been founded when Germany declared war on France, and all of her researchers were being drafted for the war.
  • In fact only two people were left at the Institute, Marie and a mechanic who could not join the war due to a heart condition.
  • Wanting to help the war effort and realizing the usefulness of her invention Marie started finding ways to make her invention mobile.

Function & Advantages

  • In the war, the mobile x-ray lab was essentially a van equipped with x-ray gear inside.
  • It served as a vital medical device for care and treatment.
  • With it things such as bullets, broken bones, and internal injuries could be seen much easier.
  • This prevented death and long-term injuries to patients.
  • Indirectly this invention was a big advantage to any army that had it.
  • Through the quick healing this machine brought, soldiers who would've been injured for life maybe could quickly be treated and sent back home or the battlefield if they wanted.
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  1. The vehicles required to mobilize the machine and carry it onto the battleground wasn't cheep. In fact Ford's Model T was invented in 1908 and the war began in 1914.
  2. People had to be taught to use the machine of which Marie Curie didn't know how to operate either at first.
  3. Radiation: overexposure can have some serious negative effects on the human body as Marie soon found out herself; but most soldiers didn't have to worry about this - it was mainly the people operating the machines.
HD Historic Archival Stock Footage WWII - Portable X-Ray On Duty At Front 1943