Midwest by Vince

physical and human characteristics

Physical Charateristics


The states in the Midwest are North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.

Landforms of the Midwest

Have you ever thought about going to the Midwest? It is very flat and good for farming, . Also,there are few trees, because there are a lot of floods and tornados that knock the trees over. The Midwest is called tornado ally because there are a lot of tornados.

Major Bodies of Water of the Midwest

Have you ever thought about going to the Midwest? There are a lot of lakes and rivers. lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Missouri River, Mississippi River, Ohio River are in the Midwest. The Ohio river is important because it separates Kentucky and Indiana.


Have you ever wondered what the climate is in the midwest? it is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, sometimes there are tornados, when it is really dry.

Natural resources

There are a lot of resources in the mid west, The natural resources are corn, wheat, soy beans, cattle, pigs and chickens. They are important because they feed people in this region. One cool fact is that the resourses help people in other regions

Main langages spoken & Housing

  • The main languages in the mid west are, English and spanish WOW!
  • There are a lot of houses, Big buildings, brick houses and metal housing.

Major cities

Most of the cites in the Midwest are big. Here are the major cites: Minot, Bismarck, Rapid city, Norfolk, Chicago, Kansas city, St.louses, Detroit, Omaha, Columbus.

Importent jobs

Some of the jobs in the Midwest are, Car maker, farming, airport, making guns, making air crafts.

Tornado Alley

Have you ever been through Tornado Alley? It is a place were a lot of tornados form, The states in tornado ally are Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas.

fun facts

  • If you put all the fresh water together that is in the Midwest it is enough to flood the USA
  • There is a place called tornado ally that has a lot of tornados

key words you need to know

  • Plains-A large area [grass land] with only a few trees.
  • tornado- Funnel cloud that can make a big mess of stuff.


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