#michED Video Challenge

MACUL showed that #michED is a thriving and growing community of educators of all kinds and levels from all over Michigan. Too many times as educators we do a poor job of promoting the excellent things happening in our classes and schools. We need to communicate to our communities, local businesses, politicians, and other schools what we are doing.

So we are offering a video challenge to the #michED community. We want a video of your class or school demonstrating engaging student learning. As the school year winds down we want you to document the way students are connecting and learning at your school. This is not a contest that you will “win” but a contribution to a library of videos that we will share on the blog and hope to build into a library of quality examples of what is happening in Michigan schools.

Kent Innovation High - It's What We Do

There are a few requirements that we would ask of you. Please make sure that you have permission to take video of your students and post online. Please keep your video in the 1-3 minute range. We are not looking for mini-documentaries but rather snapshots of the amazing things students are doing. Please make them as professional as possible. We want videos that we can be proud to share with everyone. See the example above or the #michED playlist for the kind of quality we are looking for. We do encourage you to have students help create these videos. Consider using a film class from your high school to help document your school.

Some topics to consider for your video are:

  • Project Based Learning

  • Hands on Learning

  • Community Involvement

  • Service Learning

  • Passion Learning (20% projects, etc).

  • Connected Learning

  • Technology focused on student-centered learning

When you complete a video please upload it to Youtube and submit it into the form below. Also please share it widely with your own district and community! Our goal is to have a nice collection of these from across the state at the end of this school year.

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Find us here:

Of course you can always find us on the #michED hashtag!