Manna Meeting

Recap of October 10th Meeting

Next Manna Event

  • Our next event will be November 14, 2015 from 1:00-3:00 pm
  • We will be asking for donations from the congregation.
  • Sister Jackson will make announcements about the events
  • The last day to turn in donations is November 7, 2015.
  • We are finalizing the location for the event.
  • We will be asking the church to purchase the paper goods.

Menu for Event

  • 6 turkeys
  • 6 cans of commercial size green beans
  • 6 cans of commercial size corn
  • 10 packs of dinner rolls (24 per pack)
  • 10 desserts
  • Drinks (250)
  • 5 pans of dressing
  • 4 pans of macaroni and cheese

Missionary Blevins will ask Miss Martin, Miss Crowder, Miss Williams, Sis Carter,and Sis Fletter to cook certain meals.

Next Manna Meeting

Our next Manna meeting is November 7, 2015 at 11:00am

T-Shirt design

The new T-shirt will be purple with white words.

The picture changed to the picture on the right.

We will ask Deacon James to create them.

They will cost about $12.00.

Individual Assignments

Joyci Riley

Back-Up for Annoucements

Turn in Announcement Form

Tiann Jackson

Make announcements for recruitment and next event (Tell them to turn in donations to Missionary Blevins.)

Mother Littlejohn

Talk with Sister Gather about tracks. Ask her can see send a copy to us electronically

Discuss next Manna event at Missionary Meeting

Cook a turkey for Manna event


Make a pan of dressing for the next event

Missionary Blevins

Contact IT team about the flyers and announcement for the Next Event

Contact IT team about Manna being on the website (Homepage with announcements)

Contact team on Wednesday about the screen announcement

Contact the guy about the Turkey

Contact the community centers

Contact Missionary Martin about turkey

Contact Lisa Crowder about turkey

Contact Angela about macaroni and cheese

Contact Cindy Carter about macaroni and cheese

Contact Louis about macaroni and cheese

Contact Deacon about T-Shirts

Give Mother Littlejohn the turkey

Cook a pan of dressing and a pan of macaroni and cheese

Collect donation


Send template of flyer for Neighborhood (before the event)

Create flyer to give during the event

Contact R. Johnson about the men's involvement in our next event

Contact Missionary Gwen about our next event

Make sign up sheet for Donations and volunteers

Reach out to other Manna members

Put in Budget Form

Make flyer for interested volunteers

Buy turkey

Send reminders about Manna

Send Manna Pictures to Missionary Blevins

Turn in Budget Sheet

Turn in Van Request

Manna Team Contact Information

Joyci Riley

(704) 995-3575


Tiann Jackson

Home: (704) 853-7901

Cell Phone: (925) 642-1776


Rebecca Littlejohn

Cell Phone: (704) 620-5129


Tonya Gonzalez

(704) 449-3232

Stephanie Blevins

(704) 299-1948


Brittani Johnson

(980) 263-0137


Let me know what I forgot or need to change!!!!!