Fourth Grade Talon

October 2016

Meet Our Fabulous 4th Grade Team

Ms. DeFazio, Ms.McQueen, Ms. Vajay,

Ms.Oglesby, Ms. Henderson

Ms.Michelino, Mrs.Wallace

Promoting Literacy One Day at a Time

Did you know reading is a great way to stimulate your child's mind? A few pages of a well-written book can have diminishing effects against Alzheimers later in life. Reading each day allows your child to strengthen one of the most important muscles in their body-the brain. Each day your child should read a minimum of 30 minutes in addition to the reading they do in school. As much as your child might improve by practicing sports, riding their bike, or learning to sing a new song; the same practice is necessary for your child to improve at reading. Reading is also great for you. So, read with your child, to your child, and in front of your child!

The Reality of Math

Our students have been introduced to numbers that extended to the hundred thousands place. As we prepare to use our place values when balancing our checkbooks or creating our monthly budgets, we want to ensure our digits are lined up properly at each decimal. We will continue to work towards mastering our number sense during the weeks to come.

Grade Level Highlights

Homework (Please see your child's teacher for questions about assignment specifics.)

DeFazio: Daily Math-due each Friday

Henderson: Daily Math Sheet and Enrichment Board

McQueen: Daily Skills Practice, Read for 30 minutes and discuss your reading with an adult

Michelino: Read each night, vocabulary practice (sentences and Fraier Models)

Oglesby: Study basic math facts 20 minutes each night, study daily math notes

Vajay: Study basic math facts 20 minutes each night, study daily math notes

Wallace: Read 20 minutes each night, reading log, study vocabulary words