Panthera Leo

Appearance & Lifespan

Lions are found in many parts of Africa and India. They are one of the largest members of the cat family. The body is very muscular, with golden yellow fur. Their fur depends on their age genetics etc. Full grown male lions are as tall as 4 feet and weigh about 330 to 550 pounds. Full grown female lions are much smaller, their height is 2-3 feet and weigh between 265 to 365 pounds. In the wild, male lions live up to 12 years, and female lions live up to 20 years.

Basic Information

Lions feed on impala, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, wild hog and sometimes rhinos and hippos. Both male and female lions roar to communicate. Male lions roar also to claim there territory. Female lions do all the hunting, they are nocturnal and work in groups to stalk their prey. Females give live birth to cubs. There are less than 23,000 lions remaining now throughout the whole world. Lions inhabit in savannahs, open woodlands, and grasslands throughout both Africa and India.

Conservation Status

Lions in Africa have decreased over the past 50 years from 200,000 to now 23,000 lions. The African Lion is listed endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act. A law that is now being placed to protect the species is banning hunting in public lands across Africa starting in 2014. The public can help taking the species off the endangered animals list by stopping lion hunting because 60% of all lions are killed from it.

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