Drop Policy

Policy Statements:

  1. Dropping a course before a class begins cancels the tuition and fees charge.
  2. Students who fail to drop a course despite never attending will be charged 100% tuition and receive a letter grade of “F.”
  3. Students who drop a course after the first night/week of class but before the second night will receive no letter grade and forfeit 25% of the tuition.
  4. Students who drop a course after the second night/week of class but before the third night will receive a “W” (withdrawal) and forfeit 50% of the tuition.
  5. Students who drop a course after the third night/week of class but before the fourth night will receive a “W” (withdrawal) and forfeit 100% of the tuition.
  6. There is no tuition reimbursement after the third night/week of class and students will receive a “W” (withdrawal).
  7. Students may withdraw from an 8-week course with a grade of W before the sixth meeting/week.


To add, drop, or withdraw from a class, students must contact an Advantage advisor in writing, i.e., e-mail, fax, PDF or in person.

Pre-Work for On Campus Courses

If you are taking on campus courses, remember that you will have pre-work due on the first night of class. In your Course Guide you will find the list of assignments due for the course, pre-work, assignments due for week one are listed. Make sure that you order any textbooks ahead of time so that you are prepared with this pre-work for each course.

Textbooks and Bookstore Information

Please research your textbook information as soon as possible. You can find textbook information in Canvas. You can access all of your course guides on Canvas. Once inside Canvas, you may select “Courses” at the top of the page. You should then see an option to select “Avila Advantage Course Guides and Resources.” Click there. You must then click on “Files” on the left hand side. This will then pull up folders for the aligning semesters. Please select the correct semester (i.e. A1 Fall 2014 Modules). Once you have selected the folder, you should see a list of all classes offered in the selected semester. You must locate your course by searching for the course number. They are in alphabetical order (i.e. EC 240 – Statistical Analysis would be located by searching for “E” for “EC 240”).

You can visit the bookstore website for more information on textbooks.

You can also call the bookstore with any questions: 816-501-3630. Avila’s bookstore has books available for new, used and sometimes for rent. Remember that you do not have to purchase your textbooks through the bookstore, but if you plan to purchase outside of the bookstore please make sure you purchase the correct edition by referring to the textbook “ISBN”. Finally, if you receive Financial Aid, you can contact their office at 816-501-3600 for additional information on book vouchers that may be used to purchase your textbooks through Avila’s bookstore. If eligible, your book voucher may be picked up in the Business Office (located downstairs in the Blasco building).

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