How do you get here and what it's like!

What does an oceanographer do?

Oceanographers study the floor and coastlines of oceans. The branch of science they work in is physical. They also study the plants and animals of the ocean. Some also study the sea and air above and how they affect each other. Their discoveries help other researchers with what they are studying, things like weather forecasting, national defense, ocean mining, etc..

How do I get there?

Personally I'd go to Central Michigan University but there are many colleges you can go to, to get your masters degree to get into this career. But for example, I chose Central Michigan University because it is close to where I live. It's a rural and public school. The Minimum needed GPA to get into this school is a 3.0. To get a masters degree you'd have to go through about 2 years extra years of college. Some of the classes you have to take are Biology, Calculus, Chemical Oceanography, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Earth Dynamics, Hydro mechanics and Wave Theory, Introduction to Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Geology, etc..

Things they study:

Finding a job

It isn't very easy to find a job in Wisconsin but nationally there are very good employment options. Oceanographers get paid $41,300 to $109,080 per year in Wisconsin. But nationally they get paid around $43,820 to $160,910 per year. Personally I would choose Orbital Technologies Corporation because it is close to where I live because it is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Although this job sounds fun I don't think I could see myself doing it because I'm not into science very much. The pros are that it has to do with water and animals which I always wanted to work in and with. But the cons are that I don't do very good in science and or math and I don't want a job in the science area.

How is it to be an oceanographer

After you've already gone through school and have the job you get it's time to start working for real! Their working conditions are usually at sea. When you work at sea you have to dive, usually for long periods of time. So you need to be in shape and take a course on scuba diving, just to make sure you're comfortable being under water. When you work on the ocean you live in quite cramped living and working conditions. But if you aren't on the water you could work at a university teaching, or some oceanographers get hired by private or government universities.