Gonzalez's Pretzel Shop

Dude, You're Getting a Pretzel!

Gonzalez's Pretzel Shop hours:

Mon-Fri: 12am to 10pm
Sat: 1pm to 12pm
Sun: 2pm to 5pm

About Gonzalez's Pretzel Shop:

I the owner of the shop Gonzalez, am from Germany born and raised. I moved to America with my family in hopes to show America what real German pretzel's taste like. I choose Middletown as my starting point, because I see it as place where people commute, to that is a perfect starting position for my shop. I am very interested in expanding Gonzalez's Pretzel Shop to different areas, but as for now I will see how successful we become. As for now the first and only Gonzalez's Pretzel Shop that is now open, is run by all family members as we progress and expand our shop to different locations where we will need workers 16+ keep any eye on the website to stay posted on when we will give out applications! We will also be adjusting hours as we adjust to the popularity of the shop!