All about me

Pol Pulido


I was born in Girona, in the Josep Trueta Hospital, the 13th October 2000. According to my parents, I was a very nice baby. I weighed 2,800 kilos.

I'm the younger of my family. I have two sisters: Irene and Mireia. They are 18 years old now. They are twins.



I like football very much. Nowadays I play football with the municipal team, in Bescanó. I'm defense.


I like theatre too. On Saturdays I go to El Galliner, a theatre school in Girona. In April I will play on a work of Alba Nova, a theatre company of Bescanó.


When I grow up, I will travel all around de world. The first place where I would like to visit is Africa. I would like to live lots of adventures! I want travel because i want know new cultures and different places of the world.