Global and Local Winds Blog -Hirsch P.

Global Winds

Global winds are caused by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface. Some global winds are called Polar Easterlies, Prevailing Westerlies, Trade winds, or when the southern and northern trade winds collide they make doldrums. Global winds blow in the same direction every day. Some winds called trade winds get curved to the west because of the Coriolis Effect. All global winds curve because the Coriolis Effect. So winds like the trade winds, get curved naturally when they are on different hemispheres.

Local Winds

Local winds are caused by the uneven heating of the Earth in a local area. Local winds are sea breezes. Sea breezes are during the day. Air over the land will get warmer, and over the sea it is colder. There is high pressure over the sea, low pressure over the land. Both winds bring warm air forward a side of land, they both leave colder air also. They both also travel to the lower pressure area from higher pressure area. Land breezes occur at the night. Air over the sea is warmer, and there is low pressure over the sea, and high pressure over the land.