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Week of 10.25.15 & 11.1.15


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

Thank you for the Flowers!

I really love our team. From the teamwork resolving Social Committee finances to the ideas and offers of help when we were short on subs Thursday. Everyone was willing to chip in and it made the job easier for everyone. Thanks to everyone who offered help and those who gave their time to make sure we were covered.

Lansing, Legislation, and our Schools: Educate yourself

Critical decisions that impact our students and our schools are made in Lansing. Earlier this month, Dave Stafford, ROEA President, spoke to our school board about working together on advocacy. There are many ways to learn about legislation impacting our schools; I encourage you to review multiple sources of information when determining your position on an issue. Mr. Lewis-Lakin, our Superintendent of Schools, has recommended the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education, as one source of information for learning about legislative issues. If you register for the “take action” alerts from TCA, then you will be notified when critical legislation impacting our schools is being considered in Lansing. You do not need to agree with the Tri-County position or take the action they recommend; you can disagree with the positions taken by Tri-County and not take the action they suggest. However, the value in registering for the alerts is that by receiving them you will know when critical decisions impacting our students and our schools are being made in Lansing. Please engage the legislative process as doing so is critically important.

Welcome our new Occupational Therapist

We welcome Monica Bell on 10/28/15.

Haven/Erin's Law New Info.

Presentation by Haven to Board of Ed begins at about 6:30 into the meeting.

This is a link to where information regarding the Erin's law presentation from Haven was presented to the School Board.

Congrats on Grant!

Kelly Fulks was awarded a $100 Scholastic grant through Meemic for her classroom library! Ask her how easy the form was to complete.

Teachscape Update

Thank you for your feedback on Teachscape's online help system. In your comments about the article on working with artifacts, you indicated a need for additional support around Google Docs. Google docs is a cloud-based storage spot for documents. If you want to upload a document or file that is currently stored on Google docs, you would need to first download that file, then you would upload it the same way you would any other file (as shown in the Teachscape help article).

If you are not familiar with downloading Google docs, below is a help article I found from Google that may be useful.

Help for downloading Google docs:

Tech Tidbit

To help reduce the items in our inboxes please respond only to the people who require the information.

Thank you.

Website Building Calendar

Do you know what is happening? Please check the building and Gmail calendar often. Let me know if you do not have access. Enter field trips and class events on the Gmail calendar.

Dates to Remember

I hope to see you at some of the upcoming events.

10.23 PTA Trunk or Treat; 6:30-8 PM; North Parking Lot; ENTRY FEE: One bag of candy per trick or treater.

10.23 PTA Family Movie Night: 8 PM; Cafe

10.26 3,4,5 Grade Science Kits Due by 2 PM

10.26 Teachscape Meeting @ BO; 2:30 - Angela

10.27 PTA Restaurant Night @ National Coney Island

10.28 Professional Learning Morning


10.30 Half Day; Dismissal at 11:33 PM

10.30 Halloween Parade @ 10:45 AM in Cafe and Gym

11.1 Daylight Saving Time Ends; Set clocks back 1 hour

11.2 Kaiser Picture Retakes and Candids; Service Squad, Safety Squad, NBS Take Group


11.2 Learning Council 4-5:30 PM

11.3 Election Day; No School for Students

11.3 Staff .5 PD and .5 Records Day

11.4 Mentor/Mentee @ BO 4-6 PM

11.5 IEP AM (Julie McCormick Rep)

11.5 Angela at OS PD

11.6 End of 1MP

11.8 PTA Mom Son Event : Off SIte

Science Lesson Schedules were sent out to staff by PTA Chair; Make sure you know your date and time.


Check for PTA event information and volunteer opportunities.



Northwood Professional Learning on 10.28.15

Our 90 minute PD will focus on the Technology Matrix and SLOs.

Agenda to follow.


Please let us know if a family needs assistance paying for an event. The PTA offers scholarships. Let Angela know and she will confidentially guide the family through the process.
PBIS Matrix/Bully Lessons

Please focus on Stop, Walk and Talk and the Bullying Lessons during the month of October. A paper copy is available for staff and will be near the mailboxes for reference. If you are new to Northwood a copy was placed in your mailbox. Thank you.

Homework Club Sign Up October

Please sign up for one block of time in CALENDLY (click bar above) if you would like someone to help work with students. Feedback appreciated. THERE ARE STILL TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE! Open to anyone.

Homework Club Sign Up NOVEMBER

Please sign up for one block of time in CALENDLY (click bar above) if you would like someone to help work with students. Feedback appreciated. Open to anyone.


Please sign up for time in CALENDLY (click bar above) if you would like someone to help work with students. Feedback appreciated. Open to anyone.

PT Conference Sign Up

Please make sure parents are aware of the sign up process you are using this year. Our goal is 100% participation (each student represented). Thanks for reminding parents by email or calls.
Schedules Folder

You can access schedules in this folder.

School Information and Student Handbook

Please make sure you keep this as a reference.