Palace Beautiful

Sarah DeFord Williams

By: Emma Hutsell


If you like sad and suspenseful books you'll love Palace Beautiful. The author is Sarah DeFord Williams lives in Salt Lake City Utah. This is her first book. She loves being outdoors especially in the mountains, playing guitar, singing, and song writing. This is a fiction book.


Do you think it would be difficult to be in the time if influenza? Do you know how good it feels to have a sister that sticks up for you? They find a journal and you will never believe what is in it.


I liked this book because you can't set it down. Also because you can picture every little detail. I would not change the ending because it ties it all together about everything that happens with the journal, and it is my favorite part.


I was able to connect to this book because my brother had influenza A and B but not the severe one. So I was able to know what the characters were going through.


I would recommend this book to 4th to 5th graders because they are old enough to understand everything about the book. You will like it because there is a lot of description and it keeps you hanging.