Holy Orders

By : Vivian T and Sarah

What is religious life?

A religious life is a society in which lead a life of brothers or sisters. It is also a life which you serve God by devoting yourself to God by not getting married.

Brothers, Sisters and Nuns

They are people who spend their life serving God with complete compassion and devotion. They also do not marry and have children.


The Sisters of the Divine Compassion listens to the cry of the poor and neglected and have responded to their needs for: education, parish ministry, emotional and spiritual care, spiritual development.

Mission Statement:

Empowered by God’s love,

we are called to be the compassionate presence of God in the world.

When and Who Founded the Order and Why

The Order was founded in New York City in 1886. They were founded by Mary Dannat Starr, Msgr. Thomas Preston and a group of young women moved by the Compassion of God in their lives and a hunger to bring that compassion to New York City’s poor children in realistic ways.

Sisters of the Divine Compassion