Grace Sonnentag and Abby Nicholson

General Information

Population- approx. 4 million

Population density comparison- about 5 times as dense as wisconsin

Land Area- 7,663 sq miles

Land Area Comparison- slightly smaller than New Jersey

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Coat of Arms:

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Tourist Attractions!

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Liver Dumplings

Liver dumplings are dumplings made from calf's or beef liver, along with onions, bread, and herbs and spices. Some recipes also include bacon.
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Dürkheimer Wurstfest

The largest wine festival in Germany isn't even called a wine festival! The German Wine Road city of Bad Dürkheim's festival is called the wurstfest, or sausage festival, even though the quantity of wine sold far exceeds the number of sausages consumed at this affair. Thousands upon thousand congregate on this small Rheinland-Pfalz town each September to participate in this lively event!
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The biggest export of this area is wine, the land makes for amazing vineyard land! Of 13 wine producing regions in Germany 6 are located in Rheinland-Pflaz.