Austin Veneers

Austin Veneers - Has Your Tooth Been Chipped Away?

Gaps, stains and chips in your teeth are not an end to your smile. Using Austin veneers can help to remove these flaws and you can restore your smile appearance. These are thin shells made of porcelain material and they are placed over the natural tooth. These looks and feels like your teeth. If you want to repair cracks, straighten your teeth or you need to remove deep discoloration, using these can transform your smile. Your dentists will select veneers that can compliments with your other teeth, personality and facial features. There are many reasons why you can choose them. It can look natural completely, it can offer more strength and they are durable, it can cost you less when compared to other options and also you can renew your image and you can be more confident.

How is the procedure done?

Austin veneers is used to cover imperfection and discoloration of teeth. This is an effective substitution for crowns and they can aesthetically change its colour, size and shape of the teeth. Dentists will mount them using little anesthesia. They can last for years and they are not affected when you use things like cigarette, tea and coffee. To prepare, the dentists will remove about half a millimetre of natural enamel. Next the dentists will take the impression of the teeth. These models are sent to the laboratory and a skilled technician will fabricate them. Finally the dentists will bond them to your natural tooth. Once it has been bonded, you will have a natural smile.

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