Titanic Survivor- Rosa Abbott

By Jessica Romo

Passenger's personal information

Name:Rosa Abbott.

Date of birth: January 14,1873 (Tuesday).

Age when on Titanic: 39 years old.

Who she was travelling with: Rossmore Edward Abbott and Eugene Joseph Abbott. (Died, Got lost in ocean)

The Ship

The ship was 882 feet long, about the length of four city blocks. Had nine decks, she was as high as an eleven story building. The ship was made unsinkable because she could still float only if the four compartments were flooded, but not more than that. If so it would sink.The survivor (Rosa Abbott) was third class. her ticket was E20 5s. The accommondations on the Titanic for the social class is that they get little service..

Disaster and Rescue

The titanic was going on an expedition and crashed by an iceberg on April 1912. It sunk at 2:05 a.m. The titanic had lifeboats to fill about half of the passenger on board. Rosa Abbott was rescued by boat A the only boat to return to save the people in the water with temperature -2 degrees c. Rosa feet were numb for being in that ghastly water so long.

Life after the Titanic

Before Rosa went on the journey to New York she lived in England. She went and was supported by Grace church. Her son Rossmore had once been in the boys choir. Rosa died February 18,1946.