The Tragedy of MacBeth

By Zach Brown

The Insane Lady MacBeth is Who to Blame for MacBeth's Downfall

Lady Macbeth is a very influential person and gets what she wants by persuading others into what she wants. Lady MacBeth wants what men want, she wants to be a king and she wants wealth. However, Lady MacBeth is a woman and cannot be a king, so instead she persuades her husband MacBeth to murder Duncan, King of Scottland, so that MacBeth may be the new king and Lady MacBeth may be a queen. In doing this, this makes MacBeth have many second thoughts after doing what he has done and this starts to mess with MacBeth's mind, let alone what his wife is doing to mess with his mind aswell.
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Literary Devices In the quotes of Macbeth

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The Lion king or The ''Lyin' King"

The movie ''The Lion King'' Relates to the book, Macbeth. The book of Macbeth has a major part describing how Macbeth, Kills Duncan, the king of Scottland and lied about murdering him. In the movie '' The Lion King'' The Lion named Scar, Kills the king of the jungle, Mufasa, lies about doing so and takes over the crown just as Macbeth took over the crown of Scottland.
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Witchy Woman by the Eagles

Witchy Woman relates to the part of the book where Macbeth and Banquo run into the 3 witches for the first time, the song shows the mysterious, intriguing aura that surrounds the 3 witches. The sister witches have very dark personalities and are portrayed as dark and evil, for they are the main cause for macbeth's transformation throughout the book.