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Cassiopeia is the very beautiful queen of Ethiopia. She claimed to be more beautiful than the Nerieds. As punishment, Cassiopeia's daughter,Andromea was to be sacrificed to the sea monster, Cetus. Andromea was saved by Perseus. Cassiopeia plotted with Agenor, Andromea's ex-fiance, to kill Perseus. Perseus used Medusa's head to turn Cassiopeia, Agenor, and Agenor's men to stone. The constellations of Cassiopeia and Cetus are facing each others feet so they cannot talk to each other.

General Info/When Visible

General info:

Cassiopeia is made u of five stars by the name of Segin, Ksora, Cih, schedir, and Caph. Cih is the brightest star and is closest to Earth's Solar System.

When visible:

Cassiopeia is Visible all-year round but best visible in August-January.