Should Scotland be independent?

Scotland's people vote for Independence

Important Quotes

"A Yes vote means so much to my generation. We want to let all our grandparents know that their future is secure in our hands, and with a Yes we can build a better future for ourselves and for our children."-Miriam Brett

This quote is important because it shows the perspective of what the younger generation think and how older people feel about it

"A lot of young people think independence is going to be some sort of miracle cure. ... They think it is some kind of adventure without any risks, but this is not a video game."-Liz Mullen

This quote is important because it shows how a "yes" vote could change the future of Scotland.

Important Vocabulary

resonates-it shows that they want to stay as a union with the UK.

generation-it shows that different ages are debating.

campaign-shows that they are voting and debating for what they want for Scotland.

independence-shows that they believe their country is stable enough to be independent.

Main Idea

The main idea of the article is Scotland's vote for independence because it is all about weather or not the people of Scotland want to be independent.

Author's Purpose

The author's purpose is to spread word about Scotland's voting debate.

Organization of the Article

The organization of the article is compare and contrast because it is comparing citizen's opinions on the matter of whether Scotland should secede or not.


Across Scotland, heated arguments are starting up in families over the the vote for Scotland's independence from the UK. Votes for staying a union with the UK is popular with the older generation whereas votes for seceding from the UK is more popular in the younger generations. A total of 4,285,323 people (97% of the voting age population) were registered to vote. The majority of the people voted “no”. The younger generation still believes that independence is a “miracle cure” and “an adventure with no risks.”


Question: Why did the older generation not want to separate from the UK?

Answer: They worry about what will happen to their health care and savings if Scotland breaks free.

Question:Why did the younger generations want to separate from the UK?

Answer: Because they were looking for opportunity.